“Staten Island, The Other Cradle of Aviation” Chapters

Chapter 1 The early years, the turn of the 20’th century.

Chapter 2. Charles R. Wittemann

Chapter 3. Richmond County Fair.

Chapter 4. Confusion - Baldwin, Baldwin, White Wing, Red Wing, Red Devil, and Ailerons

Chapter 5. Oakwood Heights Airport

Chapter 6. George N. Boyd

Chapter 7. Ted Lovington

Chapter 8. The unsolved Mystery of Bert Jewell

Chapter 9. Miller Field

Chapter 10. Giuseppe Mario Bellanca

Chapter 11. George G Fernic

Chapter 12 . Fox Hills Golf Club

Chapter 13. Donovan Hughes Airport

Chapter 14. Staten Island Airport

Chapter 15. Richmond County Airport (Travis)

Chapter 16. Aviation locations on Staten Island

Chapter 17. Time line

Chapter 18. Staten Island Aviators and Enthusiasts

Chapter 19. Specifications of Some Aircraft Mentioned in this Book

Chapter 20. Bellanca Aircraft Records and Accolades

Appendix C & A Wittemann Catalo